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EMAIV, a UIZ’s product, is a web GIS application for monitoring, analyzing and visualizing environmental data over Internet. The framework of the EMAIV can be divided into three categories:

Monitoring System: This system is responsible for displaying, monitoring and managing the in-situ and real time environmental spatial data with an interactive interface. This system allows the user to visualize the data on map, export the map and also perform some operations that help in efficient understanding and better decision making.

Analysis System: This system provides the user the tools to visualize and analyze current environmental data. Environmental analysis is necessary because there are rapid changes taking place in the environment that could have great impact in near future but which cannot be detected without data analysis. Analysis system is aimed to experts to help identifying the trends and threats and also to plan strategies for decision makers.

Alerting System: This system provides the user as well as the decision makers to know the current and urgent issues that need immediate attention and take measures to solve the issue. Through this system the user/society can participate by reporting an issue by adding an event that needs attention. This one will then be checked and means will be set up to solve it.

These three modules are combined:

  1. a spatial one to monitor data on map
  2. a non-spatial one for temporal data like meteorological data
  3. a third one to collect users’ alerts

The main objective of EMAIV is to provide user-friendly tools for experts to assist decision makers through monitoring and analysis modules. It enables also people to send alert about their local environmental issue that they are facing, like pollution or floods.